Handbooks for Persons Assisting, Employing or Sheltering Ukrainian Persons, as well as for Ukrainian Nationals Residing in Poland

CSR, Varia

5 May 2022

After 24 February 2022, more than three million people arrived in Poland from Ukraine. What is worth knowing when helping Ukrainian citizens? Some of them have taken up or will want to take up employment in Poland. Under what conditions can they do so? What should you bear in mind when providing your room or flat? What rights and obligations does a citizen of Ukraine have while staying in Poland?

We invite you to download short handbooks that answer questions related to assistance, employment, providing accommodation or lodging to citizens of Ukraine, as well as their stay in Poland.

What should you know when helping Ukrainian citizens? – a guide for persons providing assistance

What should you know when employing a person from Ukraine? – a quick guide for employers

What should you know when providing shelter to a person from Ukraine? – a handbook for accommodation providers

What should you know while staying in the territory of Poland? – a handbook for Ukrainian citizens

The materials have been prepared for informational and educational purposes only. None of the information contained in these documents constitutes legal advice.