• Cooperation

    Your objectives.
    Our values.
    Mutual success.

  • What characterises cooperation with Kubas Kos Gałkowski?

    We are here to make our business partners’ plans come to fruition by offering comprehensive legal services and flexible cooperation terms.

    Trust is of priority to us and that is why our business partnerships are characterised by:

    • the highest responsibility for the offered solutions
    • only tried and tested practice
    • predictability of case duration and costs

    Transparency and clear communication is a fundamental element of cooperation with Kubas Kos Gałkowski. In meeting the needs of our business partners, we aim to make full use of modern technology in order to improve the efficiency of communication in day to day business.

    We attract and train lawyers with passion who are able to devote themselves entirely to their cases. We present our partners with a fully dedicated team composed of outstanding experts capable of  achieving success in their challenges.

    Thanks to our procedural profile, we rely solely on effective solutions and those previously tested in practice, including in court. We are very sensitive to the real effectiveness of the applied legal instruments, so essential in conducting business operations.

    We employ modern technologies in providing legal services to our business partners. This allows us to reduce administrative activities and focus our resources on conceptual work, constantly improving the quality and broadening the scope of provided services.

    We are, first and foremost, a reliable and dedicated partner to our clients. We handle each project on an individual basis and adapt our solutions to the needs of our clients.

    We offer the possibility of implementing a universal and practical B2B Legal Help Desk (LHD) platform streamlining the legal services-related processes, but also increasing the transparency and safety of actions at each stage. The tool is tailored to each client’s individual needs and based on modern IT solutions. The platform won an award of the Innovative Law Firm competition; the results of the competition were published by Forbes magazine.

    Cost Control Program

    Kubas Kos Gałkowski takes every effort to help clients maintain legal costs at a low level, offering a package of additional benefits:

    • High quality at competitive rates thanks to the size of our company and lower general costs.
    • Flexible arrangements in terms of invoicing of services.
    • Carefully planned budgets enabling effective case management, thus guaranteeing clients even greater certainty in terms of incurred costs.
    • Immediate notification about circumstances requiring budget correction – we suggest sensible alternatives.
    • Work based on advanced knowledge management and allowing us to avoid charging the client for costs related to the analysis of a given legal issue which we have already encountered in the frames of our practice thus far.
    • Teleconferences and online communication to minimise travel expenses.
    • The B2B Legal Help Desk system allowing for lump sum settlements with client in the case of standard commissions and hence a simple determination of the legal budget.

    How effective are we?

    In connection with the Kubas Kos Gałkowski litigation profile, we offer only effective legal solutions to our clients, tested in practice, also judicial. Unlike other legal firms mostly handling extra-judicial services, we are highly sensitive to the real effectiveness of the applied legal instruments, while our work combines the business oriented approach with very good knowledge of court realities. We also strive for the standardisation of legal documents, which both increases legal security and makes the client’s work easier. We additionally conduct periodic assessments of results and service provision quality.


    Flexible. Mobile. Always ready.