UJ Professor Andrzej Kubas, PhD, member of the “Palestra” monthly Board of Editors


5 July 2021

Andrzej Kubas, PhD, Professor at Jagiellonian University, became a member of the Board of Editors of Palestra – the oldest legal periodical published by the bar community, appearing with short interruptions for over 100 years. It is currently published by the Polish Bar Association in Warsaw as Pismo Adwokatury Polskiej (The Journal of the Polish Bar Association). Its history dates back to the period before Poland regained its independence.

Each issue of the journal contains articles, scholarly studies, and glosses on civil, criminal, administrative and constitutional law, as well as reviews of the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice, the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court. In addition, regular columns, series of articles, reviews, reports, and accounts of the Bar’s activities are published.