Magdalena Krawczyk, PhD – Author of the Monograph ‘Legal Protection of Business Processes in Intellectual Property Law’


19 April 2023

We invite you to read the monograph “Legal Protection of Business Processes in Intellectual Property Law”, C.H.Beck Publishers, Warsaw 2023, whose author is Magdalena Krawczyk, PhD, senior associate KKG. The book presents an innovative look at the problem of the legal protection of the manner of conducting business.

The author’s considerations aim to illustrate effective and universal mechanisms of legal protection derived from the norms of intellectual property law. In theoretical terms, the monograph aims to review and analyse the critical determinants of the legal protection of business processes based on the existing framework of intellectual property law and to identify the most effective model of protection. The practical aspect of the monograph is concerned with illustrating opportunities and difficulties in applying regulations in the current legal environment.

The book is addressed to entrepreneurs looking for an effective way to protect the values concentrated in the way they conduct their business, particularly the legal protection of their “business idea”, as well as professionals – legal practitioners (attorneys, legal advisors, judges). This monograph is also valuable for academics in legal and economic sciences.

An excerpt from the book is available for download at the link.