Rafał Kos, PhD Speaker at 10th Jagiellonian Colloquium


18 May 2018

On 18 May, the Jagiellonian University Chair of Civil Law hosted the 10th Jagiellonian Colloquium On the Manner and Effect of Securing of Claims in Civil Proceedings.

During the conference, Rafał Kos, PhD delivered a paper entitled Securing of Claims Covered with an Arbitration Covenant.

The speakers discussed issues related to, among others: practical problems in the area of application of provisions on the granting of a security, collapse of security in the form of the obligatory mortgage, securing of claims in cases from the scope of unfair competition, as well as in disputes regarding intellectual property rights, liability for damages caused by the enforcement of the security, securing of claims in corporate disputes, and in the case of the initiation of restructuring proceedings.

The meeting with Professor Jerzy Pisuliński, PhD, was concluded by JU Professor Andrzej Kubas, PhD. Kubas Kos Gałkowski provided patronage for the event for the 10th time.