Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, PhD, as a Speaker at the III Krakow Academic Conference on Real Estate Law


27 October 2023

On 26 October, the Third Krakow All-Poland Academic Conference on Real Estate Law “The Acquisition of Premises – de lege lata status and de lege ferenda postulates” took place, organised by the Department of Real Estate and Tax Law, the Institute of Law at the Krakow University of Economics and the Krakow Notary Chamber.

In panel II, entitled “Problems of Acquiring Premises from Cooperative, Municipal and Cooperative Funds”, Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, PhD, co-managing partner and head of KKG’s real estate practice, will give a lecture on the acquisition of premises under the Housing Cooperatives Act.

The event will also address issues related to systemic errors in privatising public housing, inadequate regulation of the conversion of co-operative housing rights into ownership, problems faced by purchasers of company flats, and problems related to the acquisition of premises on the primary and secondary markets.