Rafał Kos, PhD, Member of the Polish Delegation at the 73rd Session of the Second UNCITRAL Arbitration and Conciliation/ Dispute Settlement Working Group


26 March 2021

On 22-26 March, Rafał Kos, PhD participated as a Polish delegation member at the 73rd session of the Second UNCITRAL Arbitration and Conciliation/Dispute Settlement Working Group.

During the session, work on the draft provisions on expedited arbitration (EAPs) was finalised. The key change, reached after a lengthy discussion, is the proposal to set a time frame for the arbitral tribunal to issue an award. As a result, an amendment to draft provision 16 paragraph 3 would provide that the overall extended period of time would not exceed nine months from the date of the constitution of the arbitral tribunal unless otherwise agreed by the parties. In addition, a paragraph is to be added to the model arbitration clause for EAPs, providing that the parties may opt out of this limit.

UNCITRAL is the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. Its work is based on the activity of six thematic working groups consisting of representatives of the Commission member states, as well as representatives of non-member states and intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations. During the annual working group meetings, Poland is represented by highly qualified international commercial law experts, academics, and practitioners of law.