KKG with Energy – #5 Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Why Have the Existing Regulations Failed, and Is There an Opportunity for Change?


29 June 2023

As the Polish energy sector is mainly coal-based, meeting CO2 emission reduction targets is a significant challenge for Poland.

It is, therefore, no surprise that we are looking for new solutions. One of these is CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), a technology that captures carbon dioxide from flue gases, transports it and stores it in geological structures.

In the latest episode of the “KKG with Energy” podcast, attorneys-at-law Patrycja Nowakowska and Marek Malciak, together with special guest Grzegorz Pokrzywka, answer questions such as:

  • What is CCS, and what does the term actually mean?
  • Why is CO2 transport important in the context of CCS?
  • What changes have been introduced by the Polish legislator regarding CCS?
  • What are the most significant changes affecting CCS installations in the amended regulations?
  • Does the amended Polish legislation sufficiently support the development of CCS?


We invite you to listen in!