Rafał Kos, PhD as a panelist during DIS goes Vis: The Innovation Breakfast


27 March 2024

This week, an insightful conference took place where Rafał Kos, PhD participated as a panelist at the DIS goes Vis: The Innovation Breakfast discussion on “Presentation of the DIS-TPNR: The problem and its solution before state courts and in arbitration”.

The focus of the discussion was on the recently launched Supplementary Rules for Third-Party Notices (DIS-TPNR).

DIS-TPNR aims to simplify the inclusion of third parties in arbitral proceedings, eliminating the need for complex contractual drafting. This innovation mirrors the benefits of third-party notices in state court proceedings and has the potential to enhance consistency and reduce procedural complexity in arbitral proceedings.

The discussion was incredibly inspiring, thanks to the panelists who are industry experts: Florian Cahn (Framatome), Anna Kaehlbrandt (Hengeler Mueller), Reinmar Wolff (German Arbitration Institute (DIS)), and Daniela Karollus-Bruner (CMS CEE).

Thank you to all who attended this insightful event!