Konrad Trzaskowski

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Attorney at law. Possesses extensive experience in civil, commercial, and banking law. Focuses on projects concerning the legal aspects of derivatives, both in terms of litigation and the drafting of model contracts. Has prepared numerous legal opinions in the field of contract law concerning, among others, credits, collaterals, guarantees, letters of credit, lease agreements, lease and tenancy agreements, court proceedings and enforcement, copyright law, intellectual property rights, development of contractual documentation in the field of collateral credits, currency derivative transactions; business and commercial law – including in particular company and securities law, including public trading and organisation of money market entities (bank brokerage house); public business law; consumer rights protection; administrative law, including construction law; labour law; and criminal law.

Has participated in drafting and modifying model contracts used in banking products (by-laws, contract templates, etc.), including rules and regulations for foreign exchange market transactions and rules and regulations for brokerage services. Has extensive experience in providing legal advice on hedging financial instruments.

Has participated in numerous court proceedings, both with corporate clients and individuals. A member of the team representing a bank in labour law cases as well as court proceedings.


  • The Krakow Bar Association (ORA Kraków)


entry onto the list of attorneys
PhD studies at the Faculty of Law of Administration at Jagiellonian University
Master's degree: Law at the Faculty of Law of Administration at Jagiellonian University

Personal interests

ancient and medieval history, classical music