Real Estate

Presentation of solutions.
Execution of intentions.

By carrying out thorough analyses, we present investors with adequate and optimal solutions for them that helps reduce the risk associated with the purchase and sale of real estate properties to a minimum. We successfully represent our clients in proceedings aimed at the recovery of real estate and other assets unlawfully seized by the State Treasury under the previous regime. We also provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs in their investment processes, especially related to construction investments. Our employees are experienced and continually further their knowledge, which enables us to tackle almost any legal issue concerning real estate. Their involvement and passion assure our clients that no case is viewed by us as a lost cause.

We offer

  • provision of comprehensive legal aid services in the area of regulation of the legal status of real estate properties, in particular matters concerning squatting, dispossession or abolition of real estate co-ownership
  • analyses of the factual and legal status of real estate properties as well as consultancy services related to the selection of the best investment solutions in the area of purchase and sale of real estate properties
  • provision of comprehensive services to business entities at each stage of the investment process, particularly in the scope of obtaining administrative decisions and permits required by the Act on Planning and Land Development as well as the Building Law
  • preparation of draft agreements on the transfer of property ownership as well as agreements acting as the basis for property use, plus support and assistance in the negotiation of such agreements
  • preparation and negotiation of loan agreements between investors and banks on bank or loan-taker’s orders

The Team