Results of the Research “Law Students in Krakow” with a Commentary by Dr Barbara Jelonek-Jarco

CSR, Varia

27 December 2019

On 27 December, the results of the study entitled “Law Students in Krakow”, conducted among students of all law faculties in Krakow by the European Law Students’ Association ELSA Krakow, were published.

The study’s main objective was to analyse the quality of education at Kraków’s law faculties, as well as to identify the expectations and interests of respondents in relation to potential employers and work placement providers. The study covered such issues as: interest in particular branches of law, students’ perception of their own educational deficits, expectations in relation to work experience or knowledge of Kraków law firms.

The study also published a commentary by Dr Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, co-managing partner at Kubas Kos Gałkowski.

The research is available at this link.