Professor Andrzej Kubas Speaking at the Congress of Polish Lawyers


20 May 2017

On 20 May Professor Andrzej Kubas appeared in Katowice at the Congress of Polish Lawyers.

The event included three panel discussions:
• The independent court as a guarantor of civic rights and freedoms,
• A professional attorney as a guarantor of the materialisation of rights of an individual,
• Access to justice as a fundamental human right.

The Congress also included a debate on the methods of ensuring that courts enjoy public trust, guarantee access to justice for all, and the role judges, attorneys-at-law, and legal counsels play in attaining these goals.

The event was organised by the Polish Council of Legal Counsels, ‘Iustitia’ Association of Polish Judges, and the Polish Bar Council.

The panellists also included: Judge Krystian Markiewicz, Judge Adam Strzembosz, Ms. Katarzyna Bilewska, attorney-at-law, Katarzyna Gajowniczek-Pruszyńska, attorney-at-law, Piotr Kardas, attorney-at-law, Andrzej Zwara, attorney-at-law, Leszek Korczak, legal counsel, Wojciech Popiołek, legal counsel, and Jerzy Stuhr.