KKG With Energy – #3 Facilities for Prosumer Energy Storage


20 December 2022

Can an inconspicuous change in the energy law impact the development of prosumer energy storage?

The current state of the law applies an interpretation of the law that is unfavourable to prosumers, adding up the capacities of their photovoltaic installation and connected energy storage. This often leads to a worsening of the prosumer’s situation and the support system conditions.

However, the provisions are to be made more precise – the proposed regulations aim to prevent prosumers who decide to expand their micro-installation with energy storage from being disadvantaged.

In the third episode of the “KKG With Energy” podcast, Patrycja Nowakowska, attorney-at-law, and Marek Malciak, attorney-at-law, answer questions such as:

  • What is the current legal situation, and what changes are planned?
  • What impact will the new regulations have on prosumers?
  • Will the changes introduced have an incentive effect, and will we see a boom in domestic energy storage?
  • Are further legislative changes necessary?

We invite you to listen in!