KKG With Energy – #2 Poland’s First Nuclear Power Plant. How Complex is this Venture in Regulatory Terms?


21 November 2022

Is Poland ready in regulatory terms to build its first nuclear power plant?

The Polish government has announced that the technology provider for the construction of the first nuclear power plant located in Pomerania is to be an American partner.

This decision has a landmark impact on the entire investment process.

In the second episode of the podcast “KKG With Energy”, Patrycja Nowakowska, attorney at law, and Marek Malciak, attorney at law, address, among others, the questions:

  • What are the current regulations governing the investment process?
  • What conditions must be met for construction to begin?
  • Why is constructing a nuclear power plant such a complicated process?
  • Will the draft amendment to the special investment law currently under procedure streamline administrative procedures?
  • Is it possible to realise investments in SMR technology based on the current legislation?


We invite you to listen in!