KKG with Energy – #1 Will the planned amendment to Law 10H unleash the potential of onshore wind energy?


17 October 2022

In the premiere episode of the “KKG with Energy” podcast,  Patrycja Nowakowska, attorney at law and Marek Malciak, attorney at law discuss the draft amendments to the Distance Act submitted to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland by the Council of Ministers and the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

In the episode titled “Will the planned amendment to the 10H Act unleash the potential of onshore wind energy?” we will hear:

  • What prompted the consideration of the amendment to the Act?
  • What are the goals of the proposed solutions?
  • What is the current legal situation for locating wind farms?
  • What is to change in the draft amendment since it is being talked about as a breakthrough for the wind industry?
  • How does the government draft differ from the Senate bill?
  • How will the new legislation affect local communities and local government units?


We invite you to listen in!