Barbara Jelonek-Jarco and Maciej Durbas at the conference “Mediation and Amicable Dispute Resolution”


8 February 2024

On 8 February, a conference on “Mediation and Amicable Dispute Resolution” took place. The event was organised by MUST READ MEDIA Publishing.

During the event, Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, PhD, co-managing partner at KKG, gave a presentation entitled “How to avoid mistakes and ensure a smooth mediation process – a case study”. Maciej Durbas, PhD, partner at KKG, together with co-presenters Anna Atanasow and Cezary Rogula, attorneys-at-law, spoke about mediation from the perspective of a mediator, head of a legal department and external counsel.

The conference covered topics such as the transformation of litigation into arbitration, the future of artificial intelligence in dispute resolution, and the risks of applying for an interim injunction.