Attorneys Katarzyna Kostępska and Grzegorz Pokrzywka as speakers at the Restructuring Conference

15 January 2024

On 15 January the “II Conference: Corporate Restructuring in Practice” took place. During the event, Katarzyna Kostępska, attorney-at-law and partner at KKG, gave a lecture entitled “Choosing a Restructuring Procedure – Basic Differences, Protection from Creditors and Management of the Debtor’s Business”.

Grzegorz Pokrzywka, attorney-at-law and senior counsel at KKG, discussed the effects of initiating restructuring proceedings, their impact on the debtor’s financial relations and the possibilities of their transformation.

Topics covered during the meeting included the course of the settlement approval procedure, the consequences of the announcement of the settlement date, the failure of the settlement approval procedure, its causes, effects and expected changes after the implementation of the EU Directive on Restructuring Frameworks.

The event was organised by MUST READ MEDIA Publishing.