9th of the Lewiatan Arbitration Competition


10 June 2022

On 9-10 June, the oral stage (elimination rounds and final) of the Lewiatan Arbitration Competition was held. The teams took part in simulated arbitration hearings.

Jakub Bojarczuk, Angelika Ziarko and Tadeusz Zbiegień, associates at KKG, reached the quarter-final stage. We congratulate them and their Teams, which received distinctions:

  • the team in which Angelika Ziarko and Tadeusz Zbiegień performed was awarded the prize for the best statement of claims;
  • the team of Jakub Bojarczuk received an award for third place in the best statement of claims category and an award for second place in the best response to a statement of claims category

Once again, Kubas Kos Gałkowski was the substantive partner of the event, and our lawyers –Rafał Kos, PhD, Maciej Durbas, PhD, and Magdalena Krawczyk, PhD, served as arbitrators-jurors.

Organised by the Lewiatan Court of Arbitration, the Lewiatan Arbitration Competition is the first and largest moot court competition for attorney trainees in Poland. It allows for the practical application of knowledge about arbitration proceedings. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for attorney trainees to develop and test their skills in appearing before courts, in particular arbitration courts.