In Poland

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Poland

The world of business is a complex reality which needs effective and simple solutions – particularly in terms of resolving commercial disputes. As businesspersons have become accustomed to having all services and goods tailored to their individual requirements, they have also come to expect the same of legal services. To answer this call, lawyers started to specialize in certain fields, businesses and even in matters concerning given geographical regions. Now we have real estate lawyers, corporate counsels, banking and finance legal specialists, Emerging Markets legal advisors and so much more.

Along these lines, businesspersons and lawyers have expanded tools for resolving disputes in ways other than in the state courts system, which for a long time seemed to remain untouched by this wind of change. What the system of state courts originally proposed was the mechanism of “you win – I lose” solutions and parties had little chance to change anything in its procedure. What the commercial environment needed was a way to resolve disputes in win-win scenarios under the rules suiting its needs. This is how the modern Alternative Dispute Resolution was born.

Poland, as a rising international market, followed this trend. Therefore, we are glad to present you with this short brochure, aimed at acquainting foreign parties with means of dispute resolution (other than litigation in a state court) in Poland.