Dominik Gałkowski, Attorney-at-Law, A Guest of #RZECZoPRAWIE Broadcast


27 November 2017

On 27 November, Dominik Gałkowski, attorney-at-law and partner at Kubas Kos Gałkowski, appeared in Marek Domagalski’s TV show entitled #RZECZoPRAWIE, a broadcast on Rzeczpospolita TV, the Rzeczpospolita daily online TV service. The main subject of the conversation was group proceedings in Poland and the rejected action against VW.

‘In each case, not only in group proceedings, by way of principle, when filing an action before the court we need to know how we want to conclude this case, we need to know what we want to say to the judge in the speech concluding the proceedings. If we can deliver such a concluding speech while filing an action, it means that we are well prepared to file the statement of claims.’ – Dominik Gałkowski, attorney-at-law, says in a conversation with Marek Domagalski.

We invite you to view the entire interview at the following link.