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Attorney at law. Expert in litigation and bankruptcy and restructuring. Creator of long-term litigation strategies in complex and multi-threaded disputes using litigation, bankruptcy and restructuring, corporate and non-litigation mechanisms, including settlement negotiations. She provides comprehensive support for disputes that have arisen between entrepreneurs, together with consultancy in the sphere of day-to-day operations in the context of ongoing proceedings. Focusing on the goal set by the client, she takes into account securing their interests at the initial stage of the dispute, as well as the possibility of the effective enforcement of their claims in the future.

She handles projects in the field of bankruptcy and restructuring law, using her many years of experience in conducting litigation in the area of civil and commercial law, with a particular emphasis on disputes regarding contract law, real estate law, unfair competition law, and corporate disputes.

She has extensive experience in developing amicable solutions to ongoing disputes (sets of disputes) at both the conceptual and negotiation stages, as well as in the creation and execution of multi-level and multi-stakeholder settlement agreements. She participates in economic negotiations and mediation.

Author of numerous legal opinions in the field of civil and commercial law in both substantive and procedural law topics, with a particular focus on the assessment of legal situations in the context of litigation and the opportunities and risks in such proceedings. Drafts and consults on contracts using her many years of litigation experience in the field of contract disputes.

She also conducts proceedings and projects on construction investments and administrative proceedings related to construction processes and real estate management. In her practice, she drafts numerous legal opinions and contracts for complex investment intentions and advises on the preparation of transactions and the adaptation of standard contracts to the regulations of the various fields of law.


  • The Krakow Bar Association (ORA Kraków)


post graduate studies: Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law at the Faculty of Law of Administration at Jagiellonian University
entry onto the list of attorneys
Master's degree: Law at the Faculty of Law of Administration at Jagiellonian University

Personal interests

likes travelling, music, good films