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Attorney-at-law. Expert in the scope of prosecution of court proceedings in the scope of civil and commercial law, with a particular emphasis on disputes against the background of the law of obligations, law on combating unfair competition, real estate law, and disputes between shareholders. Possesses experience in proceedings in the area of personal rights protection as well as injunction and enforcement proceedings. Creates long-term litigation strategies in complex multi-thread disputes. In her practice, she prepared numerous legal opinions and agreements; she also advised in the scope of transaction preparation and adjustment of standard agreements to regulations from specific areas of law. Provided services for domestic and foreign clients from such sectors as: construction, hotel industry, insurance, banking, healthcare, ecclesiastic entities and also fundraising entities. In the frames of her practice, she conducted numerous administrative, court administrative, and arbitral proceedings. Handles projects in the area of rehabilitation and bankruptcy law as well as restructuring processes, including the so-called pre-pack. Assists clients in negotiations, both at the stage preceding initiation of a court dispute and in the course thereof.


  • The Krakow Bar Association (ORA Kraków)


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Master's degree: Law at the Faculty of Law of Administration at Jagiellonian University

Personal interests

likes travelling, music, good films