Andrzej Świderski

At Kubas Kos Gałkowski since







Specialises in financial instruments law, with a particular emphasis on derivative or structured financial instruments (also including economic aspects of derivative transactions and the knowledge of conditions stemming from various versions of ISDA transaction documentation). Also interested in contract law, banking law, and European Union law (in the scope of all levels of creating EU regulations concerning the financial market functioning). Within the subject matter indicated, prepares, among others: pleadings, as well as analyses, studies, memoranda, and transactional documentation drafts.

Has many years of experience in handling complex financial transactions realised by financial institutions (creating a transaction structure, preparing transaction documentation, providing legal assistance in the scope of transaction finalisation – including the knowledge of English language transaction templates applicable in cross-border transactions), preparing comprehensive legal opinions (in cases of issues that require the interference of norms from different branches of law or legal systems to be taken into consideration), as well as multiple procedural letters in proceedings with the participation of corporate clients (in particular – court disputes concerning OTC derivatives), but also a comprehensive verification of transaction documentation (assessment of legal risks and other dangers), especially in the case of multidisciplinary and multi-plane projects requiring an analysis of EU and Polish regulations on different levels – from commonly applicable EU and Polish regulations, through to the content of  the Financial Supervision Authority resolutions, and internal standards (with a particular emphasis on the analysis of compliance of internal regulations in financial institutions with applicable provisions).

Scholarly associate at the Allerhand Institute in Krakow. Speaker at trainings and workshops connected with derivative or structured financial instruments, including EU regulation No. 648/2012 (“EMIR regulation” along with executive provisions). One of the lecturers in the School of Capital Companies series (in the scope of derivative instruments).



cooperation with the Allerhand Institute in Krakow


laureate of the special award in the 1st edition of the Scientiae Legis Excellentia competetion for the best master’s thesis


law studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University

Personal interests

mountain hiking, pool, billiard