The first Polish Class Action filed against the State Treasury accepted by the court

Distinctions, Varia

20 May 2011

On 20 May 2011 the Regional Court in Krakow issued the class action certification order for the suit brought forth by a group of injured parties for the payment of compensation for damages resultant from the public administration bodies’ negligence in the scope of flood protection. The court’s decision is precedential since the class action filed by KKG is the first class action in the history of Polish judiciary brought forth against the State Treasury and entertained by the court in this specific mode. The validation of the decision shall also render it possible for about eight hundred people who suffered damages as a result of the breaking of the Vistula flood banks near Sandomierz to join the class action group. The so-called “Sandomierz case” stands therefore a chance to become precedential class proceedings concerning tortuous liability.