International Desk

Fast delivery of solutions.

International cooperation is a vital part of our operations. Thanks to our ties with international industry and commerce chambers as well as cooperation with law firms in Europe, North America and Asia, we are able to provide our clients with fast and effective legal solutions, also in large, complex cases.
Such cooperation also enables us to offer comprehensive legal services in the area of international transactions, while taking the specificity of foreign jurisdiction into consideration.
We specialise not only in providing legal services to foreign businesses but also in providing consultancy services to companies starting or intending to start operations in Poland. We know the specifics and mode of work of our clients very well.

Our specializations

German Desk

Our extensive experience in the provision of services to German-speaking clients has led us to create a German Desk. Members of the German Desk team speak German fluently and also possess practical knowledge of the economic realities as well as legal systems of Germany and Austria.

The German Desk provides comprehensive legal services to clients from German-speaking countries.  We conduct trans-border court and arbitration disputes plus negotiations and provide support in international transactions (in the area of Polish and German law as well as international agreements). We also offer consultancy services to businesses with German-speaking investors and have in-depth knowledge of the business customs and legal culture of our partners.

The German Desk consists of a team of lawyers with extensive experience in providing services to German-speaking clients under the leadership of Mirosław Cejmer, PhD.

French Desk

France has been the biggest foreign investor in Poland for the past five years. Business exchanges are continuing to intensify each year. Kubas Kos Gałkowski is proud to be able to provide legal services and aid in the development of business relations of French companies in Poland.

The French Desk consists of a team of lawyers with extensive experience in broadly understood commercial law, with a fluent command of French and in-depth knowledge of the French business culture. The team provides high-quality legal and consultancy services to entities with an already established business as well as those just beginning their operations in Poland or intending to do so in the future.

The department is headed by Wojciech Wandzel, attorney-at-law.

Italian Desk

Kubas Kos Gałkowski has also made a point of creating a separate Italian Desk within its structure. The team provides services spanning a broad spectrum of matters related to business activities conducted in Poland and also provides legal assistance to Italian companies commencing or intending to commence business operations in Poland.

The Italian Desk also carries out international projects that require the involvement of foreign law firms, leading us to establish regular cooperation ties with: Studio Legale Guida Senatore & Associates with its seat in Rome and branches in Naples, Milan, Bergamo plus Cava de’Tirreni.

The department is headed by avv. Vincenzo Senatore

Asian Desk

The professional experience of our lawyers acquired in Japan and in China, as well as the interest of Asian companies in investing in Poland have contributed to the establishment of the Kubas Kos Gałkowski Asian Desk. Our aim is to support Asian investors starting to intending to start business activities in Poland.

The Asian Desk team are specialists possessing both education and experience in the scope of cooperation with countries of the Far East, specifically Japan, China and South Korea. Our preparation allows us to understand the specifics of the business and legal culture of the countries and to ensure versatile legal assistance. Within the framework of the submitted projects we cooperate with law offices from a majority of the Far East countries, including: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Vietnam.

The works of the department are led by Aleksandra Czubak, attorney at law.