Energy & Natural Resources

We provide our Clients from the energy sector with professional support in all aspects and at all stages of their activity. We have advised companies involved in trading, distribution, and the generation of electricity from conventional and renewable sources as well as liquid fuels. We provide services for vertically integrated companies, entrepreneurs and their branches. We know the problems of the sector from the inside out.

We provide consultancy in matters related to current operations in core activities, as well as in the implementation of investment projects.

We provide regulatory advice to assist our Clients in adapting to the constantly changing legal environment in the energy sector.

We develop strategies and support the implementation of innovative projects, including those co-financed from EU funds.

We prepare agreements – both those characteristic for the energy sector (sale, transmission, distribution of energy and fuels, network connections) and others (sale and purchase of assets, investment financing), with consideration of the specifics of our Clients’ business activity. We provide consultancy in public procurement procedures. We support our Clients in negotiations.

We assist energy companies in fulfilling their reporting and disclosure obligations.

We conduct due diligence audits of real estate and companies as well as their contractual and regulatory environment. We have experience in providing corporate services, as well as in carrying out mergers and acquisitions.

We conduct court, administrative, and public procurement proceedings.

We represent our Clients before common courts, including the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, among others in contract and compensation cases as well as in appeals against decisions of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

We have experience in appearing before administrative bodies, including the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, and administrative courts in matters pertaining to concessions, licences, permits, certificates of origin, or administrative penalties.

We also represent our Clients in disputes with contractors before the National Appeals Chamber.

We help resolve disputes in arbitration proceedings and mediation.

We are aware of the number of challenges that await our Clients in the face of the upcoming energy transformation. Therefore, we constantly monitor trends on the Polish, EU, and global markets, as well as the changing legal environment of the sector.

We are present at industry events and our lawyers are continuously improving their competencies, as evidenced by numerous publications and awards. At the same time, we conduct sector training courses for our Clients.

We understand the mechanisms governing the energy sector and affecting its development prospects. We know how important the development of this branch of the economy is, therefore we provide our Clients with the highest level of services.

Our offer includes

  • comprehensive legal services for energy sector entities – from the issues of regulatory law, corporate law and governance, civil law, including contract law and competition and consumer protection law, labour law, public procurement law, administrative law to copyright law and IP law,
  • handling court and administrative proceedings with the participation of energy sector entities,
  •  support for innovative start-up projects,
  • implementation of highly complex investment projects,
  • implementation of projects co-financed from EU funds.

The Team