Professor Andrzej Kubas Co-author of Volume 5 of the Private Law System “The Law of Obligations – General Part”


15 November 2019

Professor Andrzej Kubas, PhD, is a co-author of Volume 5 of the Private Law System “The Law of Obligations – General Part”, C.H. Beck, Krakow 2019.

Publisher’s information:

Volume 5 of the Private Law System offers a comprehensive discussion of contract law (regulated in the general part the Civil Code law of obligations). This publication will allow the reader to become acquainted with the subject matter of contract law in detail, taking the most current legal status, as well as the most recent and most important case law and output of judicature and doctrine into account.

The presented volume edited by Dr hab. Konrad Osajda is the result of a collective effort of a group of Authors – valued specialists in their fields, practitioners, as well as academics, representing various scientific centres and different environments. The individual chapters are the fruit of many years of studies on a given issue, preceded by numerous publications.

The system is addressed to legal practitioners: attorneys-at-law, legal counsels, notaries, and judges, as well as theoreticians, legal trainees, and students wishing to deepen their knowledge of contract law.