Polski Arbitraż Handlowy


23 October 2013

On 23 October, a meeting entitled: Polish Commercial Arbitration – do we need legislative changes or is it enough to popularize the system?, was held in Krakow. The seminar was conducted in the form of an interactive discussion by Kamil Zawicki, attorney at law, chairman of the Dispute Resolution Section at the Allerhand Institute, in the form of an interactive discussion. During the meeting, answers to the following questions were discussed: Why is commercial arbitration still, in terms of principle, only of a domestic or local nature? Why do foreign parties not want to conduct arbitration on neutral, Polish grounds? Should Poland, in order to become an international player, amend its legislation in a radical manner in the direction of “mega arbitration friendly”, or will patience and the consistent expansion and improvement of the practice against the background of the provisions in force suffice?