Polish-Ukrainian Legal Days 2011


6 October 2011

On 5-6 October 2011, a practical – research conference entitled “The Polish-Ukrainian Law Days 2011”, was organized by the TBSP UJ Central and Eastern European Law Section as well as the Ukrainian Programs – OKSPO UJ. The main topic of the conference were alternative dispute resolution methods. The speakers’ presentations mainly pertained to the application of consensual methods in the Polish and Ukrainian legal systems. During the Polish language part of the conference, a lecture regarding the practical aspects of proceeding before Polish and international arbitration courts was given by Rafał Kos, attorney at law. The Ukrainian language part included a discussion on issues connected with, among others, commercial dispute resolution methods, arbitral jurisdiction, the role of Notary Publics in preventing disputes, the solving of neighbor disputes as well as the dogmatic-legal problem of the introduction of mediation to the Ukrainian legal system.