Mr. Kamil Zawicki, Attorney-at-Law, Speaking at the IBA ECA Forum 2016


18 June 2016

From 15 to 18 June, the cities of Kiev and Lviv hosted the IBA ECA Forum 2016 conference.

The Forum discussed issues covering the latest current issues, including:

  • The latest development trends in the legal services sector in the ECA
  • Law firm management as well as talent engagement and motivation
  • Lobbying services of law firms
  • Increasing demand for international dispute resolution in the ECA region
  • The practice of a corporate counsel
  • Women in the legal profession
  • Regional infrastructure and business migration
  • Impact of the development of outsourcing services on legal practice

The session dedicated to Regional infrastructure and business was participated in by Mr. Kamil Zawicki, attorney at law and partner at Kubas Kos Gałkowski. The debate drew attention to a new regional trend, i.e. business tourism. The panellists also discussed the form of the regional infrastructure offer, the current trends in business migration and reallocation, as well as a manner, destination, and timing of business migration. In his speech, Mr. Zawicki presented the agglomeration of Krakow as a modern business centre.