Maciej Durbas, PhD, Guest of the Podcast on Amicable Dispute Resolution


18 June 2021

Maciej Durbas, PhD, of counsel at Kubas Kos Gałkowski, was a guest on the podcast: PRZE:budowa ADR, czyli Sąd Polubowny zdawna w Narodzie używany, y prawami upoważony  [RE:modelling ADR, i.e. Court of Arbitration Long Used in the Nation, And Empowered by Law].

During the discussion on amicable dispute resolution, historical issues were raised. The reasons for the disappearance of the arbitration tradition in Poland and its slow renaissance after 2005 were analysed. The participants also wondered what the barriers to the development of arbitration are since legal obstacles in fact no longer exist.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, deezer, Simplecast and YouTube streaming services.