“Liability for Debt in Business – How to Avoid Grave Errors?” Training


26 March 2019

On 26 March Grzegorz Pobożniak, attorney-at-law, and Wojciech Wandzel, attorney-at-law, together with Karol Tatara, attorney-at-law at Tatara & Partners Restructuring & Insolvency Law Firm conducted a training workshops entitled “Liability for Debt in Business – How to Avoid Grave Errors?”.

The training included such topics as:

  • the issue of debt recovery from individuals running sole proprietorships, partners of civil partnerships and commercial partnerships,
  • the issue of debt recovery in the case of single or multiple debts,
  • limitation of liability for debt,
  • consequences for private assets in the case of bankruptcy,
  • liability of management board for mismanagement,
  • liability for spouse’s debt,
  • legal possibilities for limiting liability and indication of basic errors.