Lewiatan Arbitration Competition

Conference, CSR

31 May 2012

The Lewiatan Arbitration Moot Court (KAL) was held in Warsaw from 30 to 31 May. It was the first Polish moot court type competition organised by the Lewiatan Court of Arbitration and the Young Arbitration Practitioners (YAPP). It was addressed to trainee attorneys and trainee counsels from all over Poland. The KAL falls within the category of the so-called moot courts, enjoying popularity in Anglo-Saxon countries competitions based on the simulation of court and arbitration proceedings conducted in fictitious cases. Participants of such competitions step into the role of legal representatives of parties in the proceedings, they develop case strategies, prepare pleadings, and represent parties during simulated court hearings. The many years of tradition of the moot courtsshow that such a form of legal education yields excellent fruits. For this reason, also in the framework of the support for young lawyers, KKG has become involved in the competition not only in the content-related manner, but also by supplying financial support: KKG partners, Rafał Kos and Kamil Zawicki  as well as KKG associate, Maciej Durbas accepted the role of an arbiter-juror while KKG joined the group of sponsors of the competition.