World Hello Day at Kubas Kos Gałkowski


23 November 2020

On 21 November, we celebrated World Hello Day – a day of good deeds, kind words, and positive gestures.

On this occasion, our Law Firm once again joined the campaign aimed at helping patients infected with Covid-19, this time supporting the Dr. Józef Babiński Specialist Hospital in Krakow. It is one of but a few psychiatric treatment centres in Poland, which in the face of the growing number of coronavirus infections also accepts patients with COVID-19 – ‘there are over a hundred of them at present.’

As part of our assistance, we have donated products that make the patients particularly happy, i.e. fruit, juices, mineral water, tea, sweets, isotonic drinks, and fruit mousses.

Let us remember that in this difficult time every gesture reinforces the patients and hospital personnel’s faith in the good, human kindness, and solidarity.