Kubas Kos Gałkowski associate appears at the Sixth National Conference of Private Law


9 May 2015

On 8-9 May 2015, Collegium Maius of Jagiellonian University hosted the Sixth National Conference of Private Law focusing on compensatory liability. The Conference’s main objective was to present problems and issues related to compensatory liability and create a forum for exchange of ideas between academic centres.

Among other topics, the following issues were discussed during the conference:

– Liability for medical errors,

– Various grounds of liability,

– Liability for nominal damage,

– Issues related to concurrence of liability.

Marek Topór, a Kubas Kos Gałkowski associate, discussed the issue of admissibility of punitive damages on the ground of Polish civil law. The problem is of serious significance from the point of view of the Polish public policy clause (ordre public), analysed by Polish courts against the background of the procedure of ascertainment of enforceability of judgments of common courts of law in the common law systems, or awards of courts of arbitration where punitive damages were awarded.