KKG Legal Partner of the 9th New Energy Model Technical Conference


25 November 2021

On 23-25 November, Kazimierz Dolny hosted the 9th New Energy Model Technical Conference, organised by the “Nowa Energia” publishing house.

The event included a discussion of critical issues related to the development of the Polish energy sector, which is facing a dynamic transformation. Key topics discussed included:

  • Poland’s Energy Policy PEP 2040
  • Transformation of the Polish power sector
  • Nuclear energy
  • Hydrogen strategy and technologies
  • Gas Blocks Stabilisation of the system
  • Large-scale Renewable Power Generation offshore, photovoltaics, biomass
  • Multi-fuel units opportunity for local fuels
  • IGCC units opportunity for coal
  • Industrial power generation
  • Poviat heat engineering


On the second day of the event, Kamil Zawicki, attorney-at-law and co-managing partner at KKG, delivered an introductory presentation Dominating “D” – Trends in Energy and Climate Transformation in the European Union and Poland – Are We Facing a Peculiar D-Day for the Existing Order in the panel discussion titled “A new energy model”? Patrycja Nowakowska, attorney-at-law and senior associate at KKG, took part in the panel discussion on nuclear energy on the last day of the event.

Kubas Kos Gałkowski was the legal partner of the event.

For more information and recordings, visit the conference website.