Kamil Zawicki, attorney at law, in the ministerial council for ADR matters

CSR, Distinctions

5 March 2015

Kamil Zawicki, attorney at law, was appointed to the Social Council on Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods at the Ministry of Justice. According to a press release of the Ministry of Justice, the Council is an auxiliary body of the Minister of Justice. Its tasks include activities aimed at the development of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as promoting solutions of a legal as well as organisational and practical nature, presenting opinions on drafts of legal acts or preparing and propagating the deontology code of the mediator profession and ethical principles to be adhered to in mediation proceedings as well as standards for mediator training.

The Council has also appointed thematic committees:

– legislative,

– promotional

– international cooperation,

– monitoring of the functioning of ADR/mediation in Poland.

More information can be found at the Ministry’s website.