Informal Company Law Expert Group


10 June 2014

We would like to inform you that the European Commission has announced the appointment of a new, 14 person expert group entitled: Informal Company Law Expert Group” (ICLEG), which is comprised to two representatives from Germany, Great Britain and Holland and one representative from: Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and Italy. Dr. Arkadiusz Radwan – KKG of counsel is Poland’s representative in the new group. The group received an important mandate: it will be advising the European Commission in the field of companies law and work on new legislative initiatives in this area. The new group will specifically deal with preparing regulation policies and draft EU directives regarding trans-border mergers and divisions as well as corporation law (groups of companies). ICLEG members have been appointed directly by the European Commission for a three-year term. The nomination is of a personal nature and took place on the basis of content-related criteria, with the consideration of the EC’s strive to achieve nationality and gender diversity in the group’s composition.