Dr Mirosław Cejmer in Brussels


15 May 2007

On 15th May 2007 in Brussels KKG representative, Mirosław Cejmer, PhD,  took part in a symposium entitled “Time for the European Private Company Statute. A boost for competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and growth in the Single Market” organised by  EUROCHAMBRES (the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry – an organisation that brings together the national chambers of industry and commerce of the European countries) and BUSINESSEUROPE (a Confederation of European Businesses – an organisation that brings together federations of entrepreneurs and employers from European countries). The symposium, held under the auspices of the European Economic and Social Committee (an EU advisory body) is organised to support the idea that the EU should adopt and appropriate normative act that would provide for a basis to create business entities referred to as European Private Company; the European Private Company would be a perfect way for SMEs which want to run businesses also outside a particular Member State. Such a company could also be used to create joint ventures by entrepreneurs from various Member States and to standardise organisation structures within international groups of companies (concerns). The discussions that took place during the symposium were a continuation of an initiative of Klaus-Heiner Lehne, a Member of the European Parliament (who is renowned and respected in the area of European legislation in company law); this initiative resulted in the European Parliament passing a resolution that asked the Commission to accept a legislative draft concerning statute of European Private Company. It should be highlighted that Dr. Cejmer was the only speaker from East-Central Europe.