Cooperation on the Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration

Distinctions, Varia

5 May 2014

We would like to inform you that Professor Andrzej Kubas has become a member of the Advisory Board and Kamil Zawicki a member of the Editorial Board of the Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration] published by the renowned Juris Publishing from New York. The CYArb Yearbook is created by authors from various countries as well as by members of the Editorial Board and Advisory Board comprised of leading specialists from many european countries. The CYArb Yearbook regards international and domestic arbitration proceedings as well as alternative dispute resolution methods, each yearbook number discusses a specific topic. The main topic of the 2014 issue is the Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators. Publications have also been included by Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, PhD and Julita Zawadzka, PhD, while the part regarding case law, edited by Kamil Zawicki, attorney at law, was prepared by  KKG associates – Maciej Durbas and Kuba Gąsiorowski. We invite you to read the publications in the Publications section.