Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, PhD, and Julita Zawadzka, PhD – Co-authors of the book in the Praxis series titled “Notariat. Czynności notarialne”


31 March 2021

“Notariat. Czynności Notarialne” – a new book in the Praxis series – published by C.H.Beck publishing house, edited by Andrzej J. Szereda, PhD, with Barbara Jelonek-Jarco, PhD, and Julita Zawadzka, PhD, as co-authors was released for sale today. The book was published under the patronage of the Polish Notary Institute POLINot.

Publisher’s note:

“Notariat. Czynności Notarialne” is a publication providing a systemic discussion of all aspects of notary work, including the management of a notary office. The publication is a novelty on the legal market. The authors provide the reader with answers to all problems that may arise in connection with notarial acts and a notary’s work.

The combination of substantive law and procedural issues in the publication will help in the process of the practical application of the law. A system of cross-references creates ready-to-use solutions. Numerous examples, tips, and references to case law practice facilitate the understanding of the subject matter. The publication helps to interpret the existing provisions quoted in whole or in excerpts, taking the latest case law and doctrine output into account. Moreover, it contains other templates or excerpts of clauses essential for the effective preparation of a notarial deed. Thanks to the publication’s precise structure, Praxis allows the reader to locate a specific issue quickly.