Andrzej Świderski a Lecturer at the Capital Companies Academy


14 April 2016

Another edition of the Capital Companies Academy was held from 14 April until 2 June 2016. It is an annual cycle of lectures organised by the Allerhand Institute and the Scientific Society for Commercial and Trade Law at the TBSP of Jagiellonian University, hosted by the Faculty of Law and Administration of Jagiellonian University.

This year’s meetings were dedicated to selected important issues from the area of capital companies exceeding the standard commercial law programme. The lectures were delivered by experts – theoreticians and practitioners associated with the Allerhand Institute, Jagiellonian University, and other institutions: Professor Andrzej Szumański, PhD, Krzysztof Oplustil, PhD, Professor OF JAGIELLONIAN UNIVERSITY Marcin Spyra, PhD, Jacek Dybiński, PhD, Szymon Syp, PhD, Ariel Mucha, Andrzej Świderski, and Tomasz Regucki.

The 2016 edition took on such issues as, among others, company mobility in the EU, investor protection on the capital market, bonds as a way of enterprise financing, good practice codes, and economic aspects of takeovers of listed companies.

In the frames of the cycle, a lecture on theoretical and practical issues concerning transactions creating derivative OTC instruments was delivered by Andrzej Świderski – an associate at Kubas Kos Gałkowski.