Agnieszka Trzaska – Rising Star 2014


2 December 2014

Agnieszka Trzaska, attorney at law took 3rd place from among 30 lawyers – the leaders of tomorrow, laureates of the competition held by the Gazeta Prawna daily and LexisNexis – Rising Stars 2014. The candidates were evaluated according to several criteria, with a special emphasis on: innovation, creativity and the skill to sense new market trends, as well as knowledge, best extended within the scope of one’s scientific research. Client recommendations (both external as well as internal), information on the conducted projects and proceedings as well as engagement in pro bono activities were of particular importance.

Gazeta Prawna daily about Agnieszka Trzaska, attorney at law:

 Agnieszka Trzaska

30 years old, attorney at law, KKG Kubas Kos Gaertner

She started working for KKG in 2007, a senior partner at present. Ms. Trzaska specialises in civil substantive and procedural law, moreover, her area of practice includes companies law as well as bankruptcy law. Since the beginning of her work at the law firm, she has actively and creatively participated in developing procedural strategies and tactics and in preparing procedural letters in many difficult cases. She is a precursor of a new legal instrument in Poland – the class action. She is presently an attorney in three large class action suits.

Within her pro bono activities, she is conducting a well-known case of entrepreneurs against ZUS (Social Insurance Office) (the insurer demanded or is demanding the payment of contributions for the period, in which the entrepreneurs performed a temporary deregistering from the system in connected with the suspension of business activities).

She studied law at Jagiellonian University, where she met Professor Andrzej Kubas, who, being under the great impression of her outstanding talents, invited her to join the team in his law firm. “She was and is a person who is not only uniquely talented, consistently deepening her own knowledge, both legal as well as in other areas of humanities (history, psychology), practical from a professional point of view and significant for general intellectual development. She is also very talented, meticulous, at times overly scrupulous, which is an invaluable virtue in the work of an attorney” – wrote Professor Kubas in his recommendation for the purpose of the competition.

Ms. Trzaska also completed Post Graduate Studies with a specialisation in penal tax law and commercial law. She is presently preparing her doctoral dissertation on the subject of class actions. She has been conducting classes for law students within the framework of a preparatory course for legal traineeships organized by the Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagiellonian University, since 2013.

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