2nd Polish-Ukrainian Law Day


27 September 2014

On 25-27 September, the 2nd Polish-Ukrainian Legal Day was held in Krakow. Following the success of the conference that was held in 2012, the representatives of legal circles in Poland and Ukraine met again in order to discuss the current situation was well as possibilities and perspectives of Polish – Ukrainian cooperation in the context of Ukraine’s strive towards European integration. The conference was moderated by Kamil Zawicki, attorney at law, and the speakers included, among others,   Paweł Wojciechowski, PhD, Professor Piotr Sztompka, Professor Markian Malskyy, Evangelos Tsouroulis. This year’s edition of the Polish-Ukrainian Legal Day was not only of a business nature – the aim of the conference was to, first and foremost, lead to the strengthening of real cooperation between the representatives of the legal circles.