3rd Banking Law and Information Congress


12 June 2014

The 3rd Banking Law and Information Congress, one of the most important annual meetings of persons responsible for supervising the legal policies in Polish banks, its creation as well as perceiving and supplementing the existing gap in the present legal system, was held on 12 June in Warsaw. The organizers prepared three thematic panel sessions: The concept of change in the banking law, currency and mortgage loans as well as the current products of court and administrative enforcement. The lecturers, moderators and panelists of the Congress included, among others: Jerzy Bańka, Vice President of the Polish Bank Association, Andrzej Jakubiak, Chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Tadeusz Białek, PhD Director of the Legal and Legislative Team of the Polish Bank Association, Professor Michał Romanowski, PhD, Professor Wojciech Pyzioł, Professor Zbigniew Ofiarski, Professor Jerzy Pisuliński, Konrad Trzaskowski, attorney at law, KKG senior associate, and others.