1st Jagiellonian Colloquium with the participation of KKG


18 March 2010

Our co-workers: Barbara Jelonek-Jarco and Julita Zawadzka represented KKG during the first Jagiellonian Colloquium [Kolokwium Jagiellońskie]: Changes in mortgage law, which took place on 18th March 2010. The ladies gave a speech on: Mortgages in attorney practices – selected issues. The Act of 26th June 2009 on Changes to the Land and Mortgage Register as well as several other acts (Journal of Laws, 2009, No. 131, item 1075) introduced far reaching modifications in relation to the previous solutions on the grounds of the mortgage law, which in turn, bears specific practical consequences, which lawyers will have to face in the near future, after the act’s entry into force on 20th February 2011. The Jagiellonian Colloquium took place in order to discuss these changes and indicate the basic interpretational problems which may follow as a result.